Exhibition "Aspects of Life's Contract". In case you know Pero MrnareviŠ as the academic painter and graphic artist, you may be surprised by his decision to try his hand at sculptures and wonder if it's all about the artist being in disharmony with him. On the other hand, those who know him well know that it is not the case and that it's all about his untamed sensibility urging him to make experiments when it comes to visual arts. Nothing and no one can make him refrain from acting in such a manner. Pero MrnareviŠ objects decisively and consciously to any stiffness which might confine him to the limits of the visual art expressions received at the Academy. He does it with an unbelievable ease and its origin lies in the ludic, charming and humorous approach. It is such an approach which gives impetus to versatile artistic expressions ranging from paintings with a good feeling for colours, graphic works to sculptures.

It was Pero MrnareviŠ who named his exhibition "Aspects from the life's contract" urging us to examine, in the first place, the spiritual aspect of his work. What can we see? We cannot miss his playful optimism, openness to life for the purpose of allying himself with it, believing in the positive outcome and defying the grim times we live in, filled with disappointments and anxieties. MrnareviŠ simply wants to get square with life, offering something to it and not just taking the most valuable from it. It brings back the memory of the ironic thought by I. AndriŠ: "We all have some old scores with life, but at the same time the life is our debtor."

Teleological aspect of his work takes us directly into a positive, creative and communicative atmosphere denying any ethical imperative imposing that the features of ugliness, cynicism and aggressiveness dominate the art. In contrast to his contemporaries who, when it comes to visual arts, try at any cost just to enlarge the space of their own freedom, Pero MrnareviŠ creates with an aim on his mind because he deeply believes that the art is energy setting a man free and making him act in a determined way. Dynamic sculptures of his, the fruit of his sensibility, really do make and move us to recognize, as the very name of the sculptures say, "Light-heartedness", "Openness", "Playfulness", "Non-restraint", "Dialogue" and "Intuition" as a dimension bringing joy and linking us to the reality. We can be grateful to him for that.

On the other hand, the sculptures I'm referring to are not contrary to the artist's graphic expression. They are indeed a form of the architectonic modulation into the organic structure which is following the graphic expression, but with an emphasized line transformed into another medium. The material used for making these sculptures in minute detail can appear to be cold, but if we look at it closely, we cannot but become aware of the warmth mirrored by the colours, light and movement. The artists also remains faithful to his minimalist expression; his minimal art this time shows some common points with Scandinavian aesthetic heritage and he does not resist it but adds to it his Mediterranean sensibility. Finally, what else could I add but wish him all the best and much success in his future art work.

prof. Vera TurkoviŠ, PhD

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