Exhibition "Aspects of life's contract" In case you know Pero MrnareviŠ as the academic painter and graphic artist, you may be surprised by his decision to try his hand at sculptures and wonder if it's all about the artist being in disharmony with him. On the other hand, those who know him well know that it is not the case and that it's all about his untamed sensibility urging him to make experiments when it comes to visual arts. Nothing and no one can make him refrain from acting in such...read more

Pero MrnareviŠ: "Aspects of life's contract". Croatian State Archives, Zagreb, 28 May 2007. Expressing his inner need to create and form Pero MrnareviŠ has accepted the basic, eternal and probably the only possible starting point when it comes to creativity. Following the classical line his sculptures are dominated by an iron beauty line turning the abstract forms into recognizable, almost palpable, volume splendor; it is an optical and inner flash of life moving us while observing it...read more